Valentines Day

I woke up today and realized Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  I probably should have noticed it was coming a bit sooner.  But I didn’t, and I’m not going to worry about it.  Instead, I’m going to treat myself this year.  Nothing extravagant, nothing remarkable.  Simply this:  I’m going to write a love letter.  To myself.

I’m going to compliment myself on the good choices I’m making.  I’m going to remind myself of things I’ve done that have made me happy.  I’m going to thank my legs for being strong and healthy, and congratulate my heart on showing up, open and courageous, each and every day.  I will wrap myself in words of love, declaring to the Universe happy valentines day to me. 

And then I was thinking…you should do this too.  Here’s why- Quite simply, you deserve it.  There is no more of a reason necessary than that.  I want you to spend time writing words of love and admiration and gratitude to yourself this week.  And then I want you to read them, and re-read them, and re-read them, until you believe them.

You, my dear, are a wonderful, beautiful, irreplaceable soul.  And I, for one, am grateful for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Now go eat some chocolate and write.

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