Return To Zero is happening!

Hello all.

I’m hoping that you had a moment of peace, of nourishment, of self love on the potentially difficult day of Mother’s Day.

I’m not sure how much you have followed the developments of Return To Zero, a movie based on the writer, Sean Hanish and his wife Kiley’s personal experience with still birth.  They have worked SO HARD to get the movie made, picked up, and ‘out there.’  Lifetime has decided to air Return To Zero, to help  break the silence.

This Saturday, May 17, at 8 PM EST, Lifetime will air this monumental film.  Along with the film, there will be a guided discussion Google + Hangout .

I will actually be at my dear friend’s wedding that night, but will be DVRing the film so that I can watch it on my couch, tissues in hand, when the time is right.

I urge you to find friends, family, anyone who might want to watch with you – the more people who watch, the more we tell the world that we don’t want to remain silent about baby loss.

Here are some links with more information.

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