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Kindness Matters.

Kindness matters. This post doesn’t have much to do with baby loss, but does have to do with compassion, which I suppose go hand in hand.  I’ve spoken of the idea before, that we never actually know what is going on in the inner workings of someone else’s life.  We don’t know what makes a […]

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Summer rest

I’ve not been very productive lately…so here is my August contribution to Pregnancy After Loss.  xo

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sharing a resource

Hello lovelies. Tina, a brave mama who lost one twin at 8 weeks and the other at 21 weeks, has been kind and generous enough to share her stories and her blog posts with all of us.  As she wrote to me, “I’m so sorry any of us have had to endure this, it shouldn’t […]

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Little by little I am learning to trust the cycles, the seasons, of my life.  As I get older I am beginning to notice life moves along in ebbs in flows, in all facets, all the time.  Somewhere inside myself I had this knowledge and could sense it, but only sort of.  It is only […]

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hey nature…thank you!

This was the sun’s farewell last night.  An absolutely jaw-dropping way to close out the weekend.  It was extra special because it was my dear husband’s birthday.  I think Nature might have cooked up an extra special gift for him, seeing as how he is probably one of the kindest, most generous souls I know. […]

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breathe breathe breathe

Hello dear ones. My latest bit of writing is over at Pregnancy After Loss Support, a group I am proud to be contributing to on a monthly basis. SpaceForPeace I hope it brings some sort of comfort to you, regardless of where you are on  your journey right now.   Love.

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guest post – letting go with a meditation

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Sarah – a lovely woman who has offered her experience and her wisdom to all of us.  I love how she says “I am holding onto my grief. It is as part of me as any organ.”  Sarah’s story and her guided meditation offer us a […]

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I have read that after a pregnancy, no matter how long (or short) the duration, the cells from that baby stay within the mom’s system.  Her cellular make up actually changes.  The nerd in me finds that to be absolutely mind boggling, fascinating science.  The sensitive soul inside of me finds that to be an indescribable […]

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a day out

I was just in the New York/New Jersey area for a friend’s wedding.  My husband and I went out a few days early and stayed in New York City so he could work out of the NYC office. I didn’t have to go to an office.  I had a completely free afternoon. I marched myself […]

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Return To Zero is happening!

Hello all. I’m hoping that you had a moment of peace, of nourishment, of self love on the potentially difficult day of Mother’s Day. I’m not sure how much you have followed the developments of Return To Zero, a movie based on the writer, Sean Hanish and his wife Kiley’s personal experience with still birth. […]

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