Nature Heals

So what next? That is the question I was left with after I had two miscarriages. OK, now what? I knew medically what I should be doing, and I knew I felt sad, but how was I supposed to handle the next few days? What was I supposed to DO with myself, when I could hardly stand to be with the lonely quiet that was myself?

Go outside. That was the answer that came straight from my heart when I didn’t know where to turn. Go outside. Sit with nature. Sit in nature. Find connection with the wonder that surrounds us. Even at my lowest, I knew that taking myself off my couch and into the fresh air would do me good. Just opening the front door and feeling a breeze tickle my face, or taking a walk around the block and noticing the giant yellow roses that had bloomed or the tiny hummingbird making such a ruckus above me, it seemed like little pieces of nature would scream “Notice me! Notice me!” And when I took that moment to look up, a small shift in perspective could change my moment profoundly.

Richard Louv has devoted himself to educating others about the incredible benefits of spending time outdoors. See for yourself. Take a field trip outdoors. It need not be anything too adventurous – your backyard or your local park will suffice. If you are the adventurous type, try something new. Choose a place you have yet to visit and go there. Take note of how you feel when you enter your outdoor space, and after sitting beneath a tree or going for a walk, or listening to the waves lap upon the shore, notice how you feel.

Connecting with nature is one of the first ways we can be kind to ourselves. Give yourself that gift. Be well.


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