A Guide to Healing After Pregnancy Loss

Losing a baby is painful.
This little book can help you through it.

After a pregnancy no longer carries life, the loneliness can be overwhelming. You may search for answers. You may feel as if you’ll never be whole again. This book is here to help. It’s not a big book because you don’t want a big book. You probably don’t want a book at all. You wanted a baby. But small as it is, this book is here to give you

  • Permission not to ignore your sadness
  • Simple ways to comfort and care for yourself now
  • Wise words from other women who also lost a baby

In There Was Supposed to Be a Baby, author and longtime yoga practitioner Catherine Keating shares with you the personal self-healing program she developed after she faced the loss of her second pregnancy. The book gives you clear, actionable advice from experts in maternal health and healing. And it’s filled with the voices of women who have faced the grief of pregnancy loss and found hope and healing in the process.

“A miscarriage affects a woman on a deep level. This book and website are for women who, like myself, don’t want to be defeated by it, who want to find healing and meaning in that experience of loss.”
— Catherine Keating

“Catherine Keating shows us, step by loving step, that loss is not a thing to be overcome, but a road on which we can become our full, best selves.”
– Lorraine Ash, author of Life Touches Life

“There Was Supposed To Be a Baby is my new favorite book!  It offers a peaceful, proactive, practical path for grieving families.  Catherine presents many holistic ways to find light and hope during the healing process and provides a place to keep your grief.”
– Sherokee Ilse, author of Empty Armsbereaved parent and parent advocate

“In There Was Supposed To Be a Baby grieving mothers will find empathy and guidance for healing their minds, bodies, and spirits after a pregnancy loss.  Catherine Keating interweaves her own poignant stories of personal loss, grief, and healing with holistic advice from numerous experts.  The author’s gentleness and respect for grieving mothers is touching and reassuring.”
– Penny Simkin, author of birth related books for parents and professionals