gifts at the end of the day.

Years ago, while coming out of a semi-fog of depression and angst filled days, a teacher of mine offered me an exercise.

At the end of every day, she told me to ask myself

                                                                     Why was I given this day?

And from that question, to spend time in quiet reflection, considering.  Why was I given this day?  What was my lesson?  What did I experience?  Where was my joy? What inspired gratitude? Did anything make me sad?

Why was I given this day?

Even the phrasing of the question can be therapeutic – a recognition that the day, no matter what, is a gift.  Regardless of what happened on any particular day, it was there with purpose.  Nothing, no emotion, no experience can be considered a ‘waste of time’ when approached with this attitude.

Why was I given this day?

What touched me?  What opened my heart? What excited me? What frustrated me? Reflections on these many moments that make up a day have a way of opening the heart into deeper spaces and quieting the mind into deeper peace.

It is a simple practice.  But a profound one.  These days when I feel myself slipping into a foggy state of mind, a disconnected way of walking through the world, or doubting my focus, I remind myself of this simple question.  Why was I given this day?  Quickly I am reminded of what truly matters to my heart.  Easily, I slide back into purpose.

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