Create A Little Beauty Today

Today I get to introduce a little moment of beauty to you.

Now, I know nothing about opera, other than occasionally, here and there, I hear a particular song that moves me to tears.  I have no idea what the words actually mean, but the sentiment and the passion is palpable, and takes me to a place of beauty I never even knew existed.

This happened to me while watching the film Life Is Beautiful years ago (which, if you haven’t seen it…that is a thing of Beauty in itself) and ever since I cannot hear this song without feeling a most intense fullness in my heart.

For this Yes To This, I invite you to sit back, close your eyes, and let the music wash over you.  It is an incredibly breathtaking piece, in my opinion, and I hope it leaves you as speechless and as filled with Beauty as it does for me.

To enjoy today’s offering, click here.

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