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Summer rest

I’ve not been very productive lately…so here is my August contribution to Pregnancy After Loss.  xo

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Little by little I am learning to trust the cycles, the seasons, of my life.  As I get older I am beginning to notice life moves along in ebbs in flows, in all facets, all the time.  Somewhere inside myself I had this knowledge and could sense it, but only sort of.  It is only […]

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hey nature…thank you!

This was the sun’s farewell last night.  An absolutely jaw-dropping way to close out the weekend.  It was extra special because it was my dear husband’s birthday.  I think Nature might have cooked up an extra special gift for him, seeing as how he is probably one of the kindest, most generous souls I know. […]

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guest post – letting go with a meditation

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Sarah – a lovely woman who has offered her experience and her wisdom to all of us.  I love how she says “I am holding onto my grief. It is as part of me as any organ.”  Sarah’s story and her guided meditation offer us a […]

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early musings.

Beware. This post is just musings.  Thoughts that have been running through my mind off and on lately. Someone very near and dear is pregnant. Early pregnant. Pre 12 weeks pregnant. When she told me, I wanted to jump for joy and start the celebrations.  Privately, I did.  I sent her a card with the […]

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Guest Post (and some art inspiration)

Meet Nikki.  A few weeks ago, Nikki shared some beautiful and inspiring art work with me – I knew I needed to share her painting with you all, and also wanted to share her story.  I asked her to write about her painting, and she happily obliged, hoping it might help someone else walking this […]

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farewell to a friend

It has actually been a few weeks since I started this post.  I keep having trouble figuring out exactly what I want to say, but I feel like it is time to find completion, whatever that may be for now.  Bear with me, folks. I can’t seem to write what I want to say, so […]

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visit me at Stillborn and Stillbreathing

Hi there.  I’ve not written much lately – although I do have some things running through my head. Just haven’t put ideas on paper yet. Different forms of grief have been part of my life recently –  most notably the death of dear Yiayia, my husband’s grandmother, and very recently, the death of an old […]

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“hope and stillness”

“Hope and Stillness.  Hope and Stillness for three full breaths.”  That is what I heard my yoga teacher say this morning.  And that phrase felt so natural to my heart – it took a couple seconds for my brain to register what was actually said… “Hold in stillness.  Hold in stillness for three full breaths.”  […]

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Return To Zero

Just a quick note here – If any of you are interested in contributing to the beautiful Return To Zero project, Reconceiving Loss has teamed up with them for a special project. Check the link below:

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