autumn love

Sweet ones.  If I can offer one opportunity for “YES TO THIS” at this time of year, it is simple – go outside.  And I’m going to keep this post very simple.  Not much needs to be said.

A week later, I am still reverberating from a weekend in the middle of the woods.  I attended a yoga retreat – an annual event to remove myself from the daily comings and goings of life.   Upon arriving we were given a string to hold our intention for the weekend, and we wrapped that string around our wrists as a reminder.  Immediately I felt my intention was to remember that I am part of nature, not separate, and to let it be at that.  Our retreat leader let us know some of her intentions for the weekend – one being to let nature’s teachers show us their lessons.  (Sounded right to me!)

What immediately struck me as I breathed in the clean autumn air and watched the river flow was that I am part of all of this – I am part of nature, I belong, I am home.  Nature can heal without doing anything, just by being.  My heart opened again and again and again over the course of the few days, and I realized how much I had been missing my tall friends – the Aspens, the Oaks, the Maples, and the Pines – it had been too long since I had immersed myself in their ancient wisdom and beauty.

There is something magical about Autumn, about the falling leaves, the smells.  Autumn’s cycle of falling into rest is nurturing and healing in itself.

In nature we don’t have to do anything. There are no requirements.  We show up just as we are, and we are welcomed.  Nurtured, loved, balanced.

Please dear one – find some time today to go out into the wild.  With your heart and senses open, but without purpose or destination.   The results could be profound.

much love to you today.  xo.

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