A shared Hope

One of our lovely readers shared the following message with me and wanted to pass it along to you all.  She reminds us that no matter how difficult our challenges are, there is always a ray of hope.  Thank you for sharing.


I just wanted to share my story with you and hope that it gives out

On 31st Jan 2013 my hubby and I lost our 7th baby, we had only found
out on christmas eve that we were expecting again after losing our
last baby 3 weeks before our wedding in Aug 2011. From the age of 19
(my first pregnancy) up until now (almost 32) we are still fighting
for what we want. The battle is not just getting pregnant but also
staying pregnant. I don’t get passed 12 weeks and its so hard at
times. I have had every test, op and blood test going and have tried
all the injections, tablets and steroids i can try but nothing has
worked and no one can find the underlining issue.

I just want other people to know that there is Hope, and that they are
not alone. As long as we try, pray and hope I believe that it will
happen for us. Its heartbreaking with every loss, with every scan
picture we keep but we all have to keep going and hope.

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